11 May, 2006

Britney Spears - "I'm pregnant again!"

Spears was on Letterman the other night to announce the "big news." Why the hell was this news... I thought everyone knew already? Even if nobody knew, who gives a shit? How many fucking kids does that make for this Federline homo, anyway? In a way Kevin Federline is like a pathetic hero. I mean, he's got no job, no money, and no talent, yet he's got like 12 kids and is dating Britney Spears... who clearly pays for everything he does. Mother Teresa died poor and lonely, yet K-Fed is driving around in a porche and cutting a rap album about his hard life in West Hollywood.

Y'know, maybe i've been to hard on Britney... with 12lbs of make-up, a wig, and clothing that hides her hideous figure... she doesn't look all that bad.

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