31 May, 2006

Poppy Montgomery Nude

No need for fancy, creative titles here! You probably know this Australian babe from her character, Samantha Spade, in the Without a Trace series. She's sexy to say the least and now that we can see her fully glory, it's confirmed. These pics were done in 2004, i think before Without a Trace aired, and we have photographer Bradley Patrick to thank for them.

By the way, all you bastards that had these and didn't send them to me, feel free to punch yourselves in the throat.


Anonymous said...

She is striking and her show is good but the way the show works is a basic investigation but only twenty years later. All the suspects are alive and can recall perfectly the crime and the evidence has been perfectly preserved. One has to wonder why wasn't this crime solved when it was commited??


EvilCorporateWhore said...

lol, interesting point.

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Ipod Tech said...

very interecting!! you're greeat

Brian said...

Anonymous, you're mixing up Cold Case with Without a Trace.

Andrew said...

Look she's a true blonde, thats sexy.

Anonymous said...

Man do I ever have a raging hard on for her