14 June, 2006

Jessica Biel - Gear Spread

I remember reading about Jessica Biel trying to get out of her 7th Heaven contract by doing these sexy photo shoots... sort of a "fuck you" to the producers I guess. Is any of this true? I have no goddamn clue, I think it is but to be honest I couldn't really care less. I never actually watched the show myself, but after seeing the Gear magazine pics(Gear magazine no longer exists, btw), I was curious to say the least. I still never watched the show, of course... c'mon, that title is seriously gay.


Anonymous said...

that is true, and personally, i can't think of a greater form of rebellion than to do a semi-nude photoshoot.

Anonymous said...

Yeah that's the story I heard...and I think she was 17 at the time of the shoot and one of her parents was present at ths shoot.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it is true but the way I heard it she has since claimed she regretted the photoshoot and was "tricked" into revealing more than intended.

Sounds like buyers remorse.

A chick as hot as Jessica Biel needs to at least pretend to have modesty if she doesn't want to get typecast in crap like Blade 3 and Stealth the rest of her career.

Anonymous said...

yuk look at her nails