29 June, 2006

Pamela Anderson strips for PETA

Woah... what a sacrifice! C'mon, Pamela Anderson would strip for a bus pass. I'm not saying she's a cheap slut... i'm just saying i don't think she gives a shit about taking off her clothes. At any rate, it's for a good cause i suppose, again, not becuase i'm an animal rights activist... i just think fur coats are ultra gay. They remind me of the lamest decade ever, the 80's... same with limo's(also gay). Lol, does anyone remember that scene in Ace Ventura II when he's carying around the "Monopoly Guy" 'cuz his wife was wearing a fur boa? That was classic.


Anonymous said...

And by the way, Pamela Anderson HAS stripped for a bus pass. I doubt it was even good enough for a free transfer, tho.

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm! Pamela is still sexy & I love her gorgeous toes...Pamela is still the sexiest woman on the planet.