28 June, 2006

Victoria Beckham & Cheryl Tweedy @ World Cup

I wasn't going to post these, but since the UK is my second highest audience, i figured what the fuck. I think it's great Victoria and Cheryl are hanging out, i mean afterall, they were both in shitty, corporate-made, pop bands that nobody likes anymore. Beckham still is, in my opinion, the luckiest bastart on Earth. He's a great lookin' guy and he's got Posh Spice and Cheryl Tweedy cheering him on at a game he get's paid a butt-load of many to play... AND, he got the winning goal i might add. Man, what a prick.


Red Riding Hood said...

Wow, that Tweety bird is cute :)
I saw the footage live on TV, Becks son was there too. He made a fabulous goal .

EvilCorporateWhore said...

was it the only goal of the game? i thought i heard it was.