29 July, 2006

Anna Kournikova - Cast no Shadow

I just don't understand celebrities and their weight fluctuations anymore. You'd think cuz Anna doesn't really play Tennis anymore(does she?) that she'd be packing on the pounds, she barely even has an ass. Maybe Enrique is starving her... it's plausable, i mean he likes anorexic chicks. Remember when he molested an underage Mischa Barton in his video? Speaking of kids... who's that little troll with her?


Anonymous said...

Tooooooooo Skinny!

what's up with these Hollywood chicks? if they're not 80lbs they're fat.

Anders said...

Why do they keep starcing them self?

When are the not totally skinny stares gonna shine again?

EvilCorporateWhore said...

yeah, she's lost her ass completely... too bad. i'm sure she'll bounce back.

they all do.