31 July, 2006

Eva Herzigova - Shadow of Herself

I can't believe i've never posted Eva Herzigova, she was one of my favourite Wonderbra models like 12 years ago when i was a kid. I had all her promo's pinned up on my wall. She got reeeaaly skinny for a couple years(yeah i know... real shocker), but then was back to herself. It appears she's slipping back to annorexiaville. Oh well... here are some recent pics from a Karl Lagerfeld shoot, and some older nudes as a bonus.

Skinny or not, her body is FINE.


Anonymous said...

She looks so good naked, it should be illegal for her to ever wear clothes again.

Timmy T said...

Her weight sure does fuctuate a lot, but she's still a great looking chick.

Great pics.

Anonymous said...

I agree...she looked a hell of alot better in the good ole days...when she had a little more meat on her.
Those nudes are after she gained some weight back...she is smokin' though.

EvilCorporateWhore said...

i'll never forget her in her hayday, though... check this out boys:

Primo Wack Material

if she ever gets back to that look ^, i'll kill myself and die happy.