13 July, 2006

Michelle Hunziker - Swedish Meatball

I bet Michelle makes a WICKED Swedish meatball, i mean she has to, She was born in Switzerland and raised in Italy... what other qualifications would one need? You probably wouldn't know anything Michelle's been in, since i can't even pronounce anything that she's been in. For instance, presently she's appearing in a television show called Wetten, Dass..?, a rare concept in which celebrities judge contestants and their various talents.

btw, that was sarcastic.


Anonymous said...

Dont wanna be picky but get the facts straight, there's a difference beteween Switzerland and Sweden (Swedish Meatballs) ;-)

Btw, cudo for the work anyways, you're an artist

Anonymous said...

And yes, between is mispelled, if there are any picky peeps out there :-)

EvilCorporateWhore said...

lol... good eye, man. fuck i'm stupid. must have been drunk, high, or just dumb as shit when i wrote that one.

i tend to rush through the written part as fast as i can... sometimes i even forget to think.