29 July, 2006

Molly Sims - Another Malibu Barbie

Malibu seems to be popular... i know if i was rich i'd be there. For a supermodel Molly's body is pretty much what you'd expect it to be, a little on the thin side, but ohhhh so nice. So what the hell is up with hot celebrities and dogs? Everytime i see candid pics of one of them, there always a fuckin' dog there. Aren't celebrities gone all the time, traveling and what-not... so who the hell's taking care of these mutts?


Anonymous said...

I'm usually not in to computer games, but this is one "Sims" I wouldn't mind playing with!

(yeah, yeah, bad pun)

EvilCorporateWhore said...

hmm, that "playing" with Sims pun would have went over better in the volleyball entry of her i just made.

next time buddy.

Anonymous said...

You forget these types of people have mucho muney, you have money, they have 'muney' and more than one home, some have 3 or more. Do not forget these are not ordinary homes, these are HOMES, mansions and such. And thus they have a staff to manage these properties as well as the cleaning staff and ground crews. Naturally they have a doggie nanny. I know this because i am one, i have worked for a few celebs and was lucky enough to travel with them as well. One famous celeb i have worked for owned 7 homes at the time, had a full time staff of 20 to take care of them, their properties and THEIR GUESTS... i can tell you a few stories, i told one story and was fired as a result, actually i did not tell the story but everyone who worked at that location was fired as a result.

EvilCorporateWhore said...

i hope it wasn't that story.