24 August, 2006

Daisy Fuentes loves her new Bra

She must really like it... cuz she clearly felt the need to show it off to everyone. I don't know why everyone is always in such a rush to see girls nude, i mean, of course it's great to see a naked chick, but there's so much more appeal in the hint of sexuality. Why do you think lingirie is so popular? Of course, i could be reading this whole thing all wrong... maybe Daisy just forgot to button her top up... or maybe she's just a big ol' slut. Either way... we get to see Fuentes boobage, and that's alright.


Anonymous said...

Very cute Girl. Outstanding pics. Thanks very much
Greetz Trester

Anonymous said...

She looks hot...and that's a sexy sheer no support girly bra. I also agree about not needing to be nude to be sexy/erotic.