14 August, 2006

Elizabeth Berkley harassing Jodie Foster

Jodie Foster's probably too nice to ignore Elizabeth Berkley, or anyone for that matter, so she was forced to exchange conversation that probably consisted of Berkley trying to get a part in Foster's next film. I'm sure which ended with "I'm, like, totally cool with being naked and stuff." Jodie doesn't really do the "Hollywood" scene and i'm sure a 5 minute run in with Elizabeth will put her off for another 10 years. I gotta admit though Berkley does have one sweet frame... and those stems... yowza.


Anonymous said...

I think it was more like, "Ya know we can do the Ellen thing, we can hang out sleep together get me some publicity then I can go back to screwing men"

EvilCorporateWhore said...

you mean the Anne Heche thing... Ellen doesn't screw men.

i did hear Jodie was a lezbo, though. either way i don't really care, i think she'd look hot nailing another chick.

Anonymous said...

I think Jodie would look really, REALLY hot nailing... me.

And if she wants to bring along her new friend Elizabeth, who am I to argue?

jard kandi said...

where have gone the new foster's boobs??
were they only Panic Romm's FX?

EvilCorporateWhore said...

nah, she was preggers in that movie... that's why they were getting big.

she had her daughter a few months after Panic Room finished filming.

jard kandi said...

oh! didn't know that.

anyway, at the end of the conversation with Elizabeth, she seems to energize her sneakers with her cell phone.

i can imagine the next missing picture with her waving to Liz while she flyes away.

(sorry bout that)XD

Anonymous said...

Dude, it's totally innocuous. They're both Yalies. Besides, Elizabeth is just like Christina Applegate, only she hangs out with the smart kids (think David Duchovny & Ben Stiller) instead of the "Us Weekly" cover girls.

Girl said...

"Dude, it's totally innocuous. They're both Yalies."

Why on earth would you think Elizabeth Berkley went to Yale? I've heard of her playing a character that went to Yale on The L Word, but that's about it. Time to start separating fiction from reality, my friend.