26 August, 2006

Jessica Simpson - Woman in Black

Looks like Jessica was feeling a bit rebellious that day. Perhaps now that Ashlee is transforming into the new and improved hot, blonde, Simpson sister... it's time for Jessica to reinvent herself as well. All she needs now is a few tattoos and a brand new Harley-Davidson. Well, i suppose a new black outfit doesn't necessarily mean a new image... but hey, i'm just trying to help. I still say Jess and Ash should just dyke it out already. Don't kid yourself into thinking ol' Joe Simpson hasn't seen the $$$ in that possible venture.


Dragoon said...

i love the photos of your and wanna see u naked from top to bottom ,wanna press ur boobs & taste ur pussy. And sent my dragoon in to it u wanna feel same

EvilCorporateWhore said...

i'm sure she'd appreciate that.