04 August, 2006

Kelly Preston is Still Hot

Kelly and hubby Johnny were at a function tonight celebrating the fact that Tony Bennett is still alive. Kelly has that ageless beauty, i still remember her making my pants tight back in '85 in that classic film Mischief. Well, i must have seen the flick a few years later cuz i was only like 9, but holy shit the image of her tits stuck in my head long afterwards. Even her role in Jerry McGuire was pretty damn memorable. I can't believe Vinnie Barbarino gets to tap that every night.


Anonymous said...

You know, if Travolta is serious about having more folks become Scientologists, he's gonna have to send his wife over to my house to make sweet, sweet love to me.

Four or five times oughta do it.

Anonymous said...

she needs to show her tits one more time before retiring them.