14 August, 2006

Michelle Trachtenberg is all grown Up

Luckily she's still too young to know that thin, solid black dresses turn sheer in the 'razzi's flash bulbs. I never really watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but i did see Euro Trip and that's when i pretty much knew i was in love. Michelle has definitely grown into a full fledge hottie... i just hope she continues to do more T&A films like Euro Trip. Man cannot live off paparazzi flash bulbs alone.


Anonymous said...

Sarah Michelle Gellar had better watch it, our her little sister's gonna pass her up in the hotness category.

Only one way to settle it: full frontal nudity.

EvilCorporateWhore said...

a better way to settle it is to have both girls to compete in naked KY jelly wrestling. the winner gets to have sex with me!

the loser get's the consolation prize... sex with me and the winner.

oh yeah.