09 August, 2006

Paris Hilton deserves an Oscar

She's reading a book... now THAT'S acting! I bet she thought the Art of War was about war paintings. Something tells me the last book Paris read had pop-up images of a purple dinasour... or a big blue dog. I guess i shouldn't be too hard on Paris, she does have the ability to look pretty hot in photo shoots... or is that the stylist's gift? Whatever the case, Paris has given many a puberty bound lad hours of smacking material... something to tell the grandchildren i guess.


Anonymous said...

haha, she does deserve some sort of medal for pulling that off.

she's still hot though! great pics.

tziK said...

Funny title :)

Anonymous said...

damn!! She's so fucking hot, i'd like to fuck her all day long! :O

ashley said...

She looks so freakin sexy in those glasses