17 August, 2006

Penelope Cruz - Ibiza Goddess

Whenever i see pictures of Penelope Cruz or Nicole Kidman i just can't believe Tommy left them both for Joey from Dawsons Creek. I would have stayed with Penelope for her accent alone. Cruz was in Ibiza when these pics were taken and apparently pulled somewhat of a Courteney Cox when her nipple tried to escpae from her bikini top. It just goes to show you, no matter what the element, be it human or nature... celebs just can't keep there tits in their clothes. Thank heavens!


Anonymous said...

woohoo, that's awesome - it was worth sacrificing the goat while hoping for more celeb slips it seems ;)

Anonymous said...

That nip slip looks like a melted peanut butter cup. I'm not saying I wouldn't eat it.

EvilCorporateWhore said...

lol, melted what now?