14 September, 2006

Colleen Shannon - Playboy's 50th Anniversary

I had no idea who Colleen Shannon was before spotting these pics... but i thought they were great little candids, so here they are. I hate Playboy, so these PB Bunnies tend to go over my head until i see them doing something slutty... like climbing into a car in a super short dress with their tits hanging out. And just like all PB models and other half-ass "celebrities," Colleen was also in a reality show, Love Island to be more specific... but honestly, did you really care? I thought not.


Anonymous said...

She's cute. And there's nothing like real breasts!!

(And brother, hers are NOTHING like real breasts.)

trompi said...

THIS IS THE BEST DOWN BLOUSE I HAVE EVER SEEN. i was about see even her stomach :)