29 September, 2006

Gemma Atkinson - Ladies Night Out

As for the second not-so-new Gemma post we have her frolicking about in a yellow mini. The best thing about girls going out together is that they feel compelled to act slutty - i mean, even more slutty than they normally would. And if they're really friendly they'll even act slutty with eachother. You can't really blame them - a women's body is like a pretty little package just waiting to be unwrapped... while men's, and if i may quote Elaine Benes, are strictly utilitarian, they're for getting around in... y'know, like a Jeep.


Zed said...

Those are some of the best tits i've seen in a long time. And i like her short blond hair.

Anonymous said...

check out the first pic
1-when your knickers look like that you don't wear a miniskirt and do high kicks
2-note the friend on the right...when you are feeling less than your best, call ugly friend! she'll make you look better hahahaha

Anonymous said...

I need to see this chicks Magoonies !