22 September, 2006

Kari Wuhrer - Still nice and Slutty

I haven't seen much of Kari Wuhrer these days... it's nice to see she's still got that little spunk in her step(she's probably used to having it in her hair). Okay, okay... just because a girl does a bunch of B Films that go directly to late night cable television doesn't make her a slut - it just means she has no dignity. And if having no dignity means seeing Kari Wuhrer naked some more, then hell, i applaud her choices. She's also the only reason i watched that Sliders show, cuz it surely wasn't for that Jerry O'Connell douchebag.

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Anonymous said...

I met here at a Blockbuster meeting when she was first starting out with Beastmaster 3 (i think) Very Very Hot body and pretty face. She was very nice, a bit ditzy. her Cleavage was outstanding that day.