16 September, 2006

Kate Hudson - Bikinis, Babies & Boarding

Interestingly enough the only pics i have of Kate Hudson are Bikini pics... not like that's a bad thing, just an observation. Besides, i'd rather be getting pics of Kate in a bikini than all the pics of Lindsay Lohan i've been coming across(actually, Lindsay could never make me come). It's good to see Kate with her kid instead of a dog, i'm really getting sick of all these celeb/dog compilations. How come nobody ever takes there cat to the beach?


Anonymous said...

mate thanks for these but this shows amy smart

EvilCorporateWhore said...

it shows Kate Hudson for me.

imagevenue has been doing some programming changes lately. if you open up an image, and hit reload, a lot of the times it will reload a different image. i think it has something to do with their new "safe for work/not safe for work" coding they are experimenting with.

just try again, the proper picture should show up.