21 September, 2006

Keeley Hazell has herself a Calendar

I wasn't going to post these because calendars are pretty gay and i usually only like to post candid or paparazzi type pics - but Keeley has super nice tits so it's really hard to not post them. Plus, in a few months it will be January and that's really depressing, so it's nice to have a big, floppy pair of tits to stare at in these troubled times... and to bring us into the new year.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Not to sound gay but I think I love you!!

Spicy said...

good god those tits are perfection.

great pics ECW!

Anonymous said...

See, Fergie? No bra = VERY sexy!

Anonymous said...

Her ass remind me so much about sweet Katrine from Borbjerg!