13 September, 2006

Nicolette Sheridan - Anything but Desperate

Nicolette was looking beyond gorgeous when spending some of that Desperate Housewives cash the other day. Much like Elizabeth Hurley, Nicolette has maintained much of her hotness through out the years. I don't even care anymore that Michael Bolton gets to slip under the covers beside her smooth naked booty... i mean, that guy's taken so much ridicule over the years, and he just keeps on truckin'. I say good for you Bolton... and please, i beg you, hit that one time for me buddy. Hard.


Anonymous said...

aparently shopping at Kenneth Weitzman makes her nipples hard...sweet

Anonymous said...

She is the only thing I like about Michael Bolton

EvilCorporateWhore said...

lol, i agree with both of you.

btw, shopping at high-end fashion stores with a gold card would make any woman horny as hell.