26 September, 2006

Tatu - Same old Schtick

I guess i can't really blame the girls from Tatu for still doing the whole "Hey, we're like total lesbians and stuff. Don't believe us... then watch us peck on the lips!" thing. I mean, if it still works for them then live and let live. I guess that's the question, though... is is still working for them - do people still get all wound up watching these two chickies pretend to make-out? Hell, when they first came on the scene i admit, i was into it... but a few weeks later i moved on with my life. Whatever, i guess people just love lesbians... even if they're faux-lesbians. I know i do.


Anonymous said...

I wish the redhead would show more skin -- I rather like her.

Anonymous said...

I wish the redhead would find a more attractive female to snog