20 September, 2006

Victoria Beckham is about to Crack

Is there anything real on Victoria Beckham anymore? She looks like a goddamn cartoon, or an adroid, or that creepy asian chick from the Grudge. Who wants to bet that in 15 years Victoria exchanges her make-up trunk for tub of crazy glue... it'll be the only shit that can keep her together. Her tit's look so hard they could mash potatoes. What's the most disturbing about all this is that even though she looks like a Japanese Anime character, i'd still nail the English out of her. What's up with that?


Anonymous said...

Not much to say about this chick but two bits of info for you...I like the new layout and it's "Grudge" not "Grunge".

EvilCorporateWhore said...

my bad - i write up this crap so fast and i don't always check for typo's.

glad you like the new look, took me a lot longer than you'd think. so it's apprectiated.

ashley said...

Her nipples are awesome