13 October, 2006

Amber Tamblyn gives us a "Preview"

...and it ain't of her new film, Grudge II! At the film screening a few days ago Amber accidentally popped out of her extremely low-cut gown, and i swear that i saw God himself reach down and give her nip a little tweak - errr...uhmm... is that considered blasphemy? Oh wait, i'm agnostic. I know these aren't brand spankin' new but since i don't give a shit what you guys think, i'm okay with that. I'm giving you nipple... isn't that good enough? Btw, if you're really lazy, the nipple sightings are in the last and second last pics.


EvilCorporateWhore said...

btw guys... if i was you i'd wait and rent the Grudge II. it was decent, but the story line was pretty weak and there were WAY too many fucking characters in it. most of the time i was like "now who the fuck is this?"

...oh, and it's pretty much the worst ending EVER.

Anonymous said...

Does Amber Tamlyn show her nips in the movie as well?

(if not, these pics will suffice for now; I find her awful damned purty!)

EvilCorporateWhore said...

hell no... she's completely covered the whole time.

this is where the other characters come in, including 3 schoolgirls they follow around. lots of schoolgirl kilt action and even a locker room scene... not with Amber, though - and no nudity.

Anonymous said...

That's the problem with these modern horror movies: now they feature established actresses who don't need to show their ta-tas.

Back in the '80s, though, they starred nobodies who BEGGED to show us their ta-tas in order to be discovered.

Now where's my PJ Soles video...

Nate said...

I hear dat! ^