04 October, 2006

Eva Longoria dresses for Comfort

This isn't the first set of pics i've posted of Eva in a comfy track suit, and honestly, with a body like hers it doesn't really matter what she wears... But, there's no way in hell Maxim should have voted Eva #1 in their top 100 hottest babes(or whatever the hell it's called) i mean, aside from the obvious gayness with all these "Hottest, Sexiest, Most Beautiful, etc, etc..." lists that magazines put out, face-wise, Eva just isn't that hot. If you want a really hot Spanish/Puerto Rican babe? ...then Roselyn Sanchez is your woman.


Anonymous said...

Maybe she wears and Ass implant when she is on DHW.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah!

How can you NOT love that ass?