05 October, 2006

Jessica Biel bending & stretching & Stuff

If there's one person i could watch work out for hours and hours and hours and... uhh.. sorry - that person would definitely be Jessica Biel. The best thing about Jessica is that she not a waify little tart with the body of a 12yr old Asian boy... she's got curves, curves in all the right places. It's women like Biel who should be the role model for young chicks... she doesn't starve herself to keep slim, she works out like a muthafucka. Sure, she pays a big time Hollywood trainer to help her - but she's still doing all the work. Go Biel!


Anonymous said...

I don't really understand why she's always working out outside on some random sidewalk or something. But hey, I guess it's a good thing or we wouldn't get any pictures of it.

Anonymous said...

do you think she's working out outside so we can see her pictures here or somewhere else like the national enquirer?

EvilCorporateWhore said...

i'm not sure why she always works out outside... but a lot of celebrities seem to do that.

i'm not about to start complaining.