05 October, 2006

Kate Beckinsale... Walking!

Normally i would poke fun at the twat who's walking behind Kate and checking out her ass... but anyone in their right mind walking behind Kate Beckinsale would be checking out her ass - i'd poke fun of him if he wasn't checking out her ass... 'cuz that would be the real injustice. Nothing terribly exciting happening here - just Kate walking down some stairs... but that in itself is very arousing. I could never date a woman like her, i'd have an erection 24/7... and although that sounds fun - i bet it's not.


jasssy said...

i love kate =) and youre right every time i see her i get all thingly in my pants :D

Anonymous said...

They don't make them much hotter than Kate. Thanks for the great pics Evil.

Anonymous said...

God this woman is hot!!