23 October, 2006

Lucy Pinder - Mmmm, Forbidden Maxim

Apparently these images of Lucy's December shoot for Maxim magazine were leaked by someone within the Maxim "institution" ...whether it's true or not doesn't matter to me in the least. What is troubling though is that Lucy is still adamant about NOT showing her nipples. I never understood why a person who's known for posing sexually in men's magazines won't show the goods - girls flash their tits all the time... i mean, it's not like she's a government official or a nun, or what have you.


Anonymous said...

Wow, no comments on this busty bodacious babe?? Bootyrific and beautifulacious!

Anonymous said...

She's absolutely unfreakingbelievable!!! I would give anything just to meet her.

How's that?