20 November, 2006

Alyssa Milano crashes Victoria's Secret

Alyssa Milano has pretty much been hot ever since she was 12... oh c'mon, admit it - why else did you watch Who The Boss? And even though her movies pretty much sucked(apart from the nudity) we've never gotten tired of looking at those breasts. Christ, she even managed to make that really shitty Charmed show a hit just because people wanted to get a glimps of her rack. Rock on Milano.


Anonymous said...

I think those tits are more famous than she is now. And it's obvious why!

Neuron said...

She was so fucking hot in Embrace of the Vampire. I think i've watched that movie about a hundred times.

Or have i jerked off to it a hundred times? I forget.

Anonymous said...

"shitty Charmed show" yeah...whoever wrote this is a bitch....if it was soo bad then how did it make it to 8 seasons....Alyssa is not the only reason, a main reason, but no the only reason it was watched.