16 November, 2006

Britney Spears is less Ugly

Y'know, throughout this whole super white-trash Spears phase i've always said that Britney, if she wanted to, could get back to her old self in a matter of a few months... and it appears that's exactly what she's doing. This is definitely a good thing, there's nothing worse than having to hear about or see someone all the goddamn time if they're ugly. The best part about all this is that K-Fag got the shaft of the millenium.


Anonymous said...

Just remeber, it's all about the inner beauty. Unfortunately K-Fag has been all up in her beauty. But that doesn't mean she isn't looking better.

Anonymous said...

Wake me when she finally poses naked.

Oz said...

Inner beauty my ass. If Brit was 350 lbs do you really thing we'd be talking about her today?

It'd be, Britney who?