30 November, 2006

Cameron Diaz - Brunettes do it Better

Although i don't think Cameron Diaz is nearly as cute as she was in her There's Something About Mary days, i am really liking her as a brunette. But i'm wondering, does the carpet match the drapes? I know she's usually a blonde, but is she a natural blonde? Anyway, Cameron was showing more than a little leg at the premiere for her new film, The Holiday. Yummy.


Anonymous said...


I still think she's fucking gorgeous, too bad she's dating a fucktard like whats his face.

Brooke said...

Nice pics ECW.

I was just on Phun and saw that wtfazzhole banned you for basically nothing at all. That really sucks, but i say good riddance. You and me both know that site's just a cheap version of Superiorpics. wtfazzhole is clearly just some kid trying to look "cool," in a room full of nerds. he probably beat off after banning you, LOL.

They lost a lot more than you did, your posts were probably the best there was there. wtfazzhole probably just felt a tad envious of you and looked for the easiest way out. and FUCK dude, i see you're getting a TON of traffic here now. Good job!

Anyway, see you at SP.


Anonymous said...

She's too skinny for me. But yeah, i'd hit that hard.

EvilCorporateWhore said...

lol, thanks brooke.

i don't really care, he obviously has some pathetic issues to deal with... i don't need that site anymore - i've outgrown it, and so has this site.

the funny part is all the people that are standing up for me are getting banned. that place is just what i said it was... run by a bunch of Nazi's. they're proven that already... fuck'em they're small time and they know that.

TheRiver said...

good luck with this site and any future plans!

TheRiver, moderator @ phun.org

Taipan said...

hey ecw!

this is a great fuckin' site!

there were only 2 or 3 people who didn't like you at phun, and they were faggots! the rest was giving wtf hell because he banned you for NO reason!

your a hero for every canadian citizen!


Sarah said...

i agree, i'm loving the dark hair on her. she definitely can be beautiful when she wants to be.

thanx ECW.

EvilCorporateWhore said...

thanks for the support, guys!

btw, if "wtf" thinks i've ever re-registered there under any name other than my own, or pm'd anyone at all, he's kidding himself. the only id i've registered again was "CorporateWhore"... any other names were definitely NOT me.

hmm, i guess there are many people that think...er, know he's a loser. all he has to do is check the IP's. what a fuckin' tool.

Anonymous said...

your site is the greatest shit i ve ever seen....

Anonymous said...

evilcorporatewhore,your an asshole!
btw,why do you mailed me that brooke is dumb?