17 November, 2006

Eva Herzigova - World Music Awards

Eva Herzigova showed up at the WMA's flaunting what is definitely one of her greatest features(or is it two?)... her legs. Many of you may recall Eva's dramatic bout with anorexia a few years back, she's looked so sickly it's hard to believe it was the same woman. It's good to see she's looking healthy again, but she could do with gaining even more. Whatev's... i'll always love my Wonderbra girl.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what is uglier, her face or that dress?

Zed said...

Damn, she used to be so hot. Now she looks like a recovering heroin addict.

Anonymous said...

Hate the raccoon eyes.

LOVE the legs.

EvilCorporateWhore said...

yeah, she definitely needs to gain some more weight. but her body is still smoking hot.