28 November, 2006

Louise Glover - Playboy's Model of the Year

Apparently Louise Glover is Playboy's special editions 2006 Top Model, and i think that's just great. Actually, i've never even heard of Louise Glover but she looks cute enough... for Playboy that is. What's more interesting is that this former British glamour model was arrested for falsely claiming nearly £15,000 in benefits last year and had to serve over 240 hours of community service. Man, i wouldn't mind her "servicing" my "community."


Anonymous said...

She looks good to me! It's too bad Playboy still uses so much airbrushing in their pictorials. I hope they don't ruin her, too.

Any chance of you posting those pics anytime soon, btw?

Anonymous said...

damn, why can't chicks wear outfits like that at da clubs i go to?

Anonymous said...

Dayyyyym! Now although I don't always get along with white folks, this chick makes me wanna try :) Purrrr-feck!