17 November, 2006

Nicole Richie stole someone's Cleavage

Wow, Nicole must be actually eating for a change, she appears to be gaining some of the weight back, and luckily, a lot of it seems to be heading towards her tittays! Although, with the winter months on the way, perhaps she's just stocking up for hibernation. Whatever the case is tittays are better than no tittays. Tittays!


Anonymous said...

Maybe she is finally eating again and she is hideing food in her bra.

Zed said...

She is looking better, and her tits are looking pretty fucking nice.

Now she needs to get some ass back.

Anonymous said...

man who care's if she is eatting or not is it anyone's bizz,i am shore she care what other people think anyway. lol

Anonymous said...

EWW look at her arm! lOOKS LIEK SKELETOR!