13 December, 2006

Jessica Biel - Booty in Motion

For my second installment of glorious bootays tonight, i bring you the fine specimen that is the one and only, Jessica Biel. Although Beyonce's backside has a celebrity all on it's own... Biel's posterior is far superior! Actually, i think the two ladies should get together and have an official "booty-off" to settle this ongoing debate once and for all.


Clay said...

WoW!!! she has the best looking ass, especially in jeans...OMG, I love her ass it's beautiful.

Monkeys said...

Apple logo in the 1st two pics. w00t.


Anonymous said...

Man, i saw her on Ellen this morning. You just want to grab her ass and bury your face deep in her crack.

I know Ellen wanted to hit that.

sanresh said...

She has a fine ass.

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you will like it they have got interesting stuff

Nick said...

Oh, I'd like to bury my face and something else in that ass. :-)

So hot!