20 December, 2006

Marilyn Monroe Nudes

I don't think there's a male out there that doesn't like Marilyn Monroe... and i seriously doubt there's a male out there who doesn't like to see her naked! In all honesty i'm not sure where these nudes are from, they could be from Playboy or they may just be random nudes(not all are from the same series). I do know Marilyn did the famous "Red Velvet Series"... but i believe those were from a Calendar. Anyway, if anyone has any pertinent information on the matter i'd love to hear about it.

For obvious reasons, some of these are nsfw.


Anonymous said...

Wow, marilyn sure had some hairy arms. That's Alissa Milano-level of hairiness. Pic 6 is amazing and she's not even nude.

Brooke said...

Marilyn didn't have hairy arms... what are you on, man?

Great pics ECW!

Anonymous said...

Now that boys & girls is a Woman!

Tees My Body said...

Don't get the whole Marilyn Monroe thing. Does that make me gay?

MM Stalker said...

Tees, if you can look at THIS PICTURE and say "you don't get it" then yes, i'm afraid you have the gay.

Anonymous said...

A woman and one of the first Famous sex slaves...
She has been used by a lot of famous personality's back then.
That's why they took her diary
Not bad anyway.

Anonymous said...

She's all fat and nasty and shit... ewww. Fatty fatty.

EvilCorporateWhore said...

She's all fat and nasty and shit... ewww. Fatty fatty.
i don't think she's "fat" per se. but this is what Playboy has listed in her portfolio:

BIRTHPLACE: Los Angeles, California USA
BUST: 36"
WAIST: 24"
HIPS: 34"
HEIGHT: 5' 5"
WEIGHT: 118 lbs

...5'5" and only 118 lbs... yeah, i don't think so Mr. Hefner. decades after Matilyn's death and she's still got her fingers firmly gripped around Hef's balls.

Anonymous said...

"She's all fat and nasty and shit... ewww. Fatty fatty."

I think what you meant was: "She is all PHAT! I'd love to do the NASTY with her until I SHIT out my ears! Man, she gives me a CHUBBY CHUBBY!!"

Anyway, I like her. If you prefer the Paris Hiltons of the world... you can have 'em.

Anonymous said...

so JFK hit that?

Mike V. said...

JFK hit that many times.
What a tragic young woman.
Lord knows what her real background was..
She was stunning, though.

alex said...

What's the deal with the big yellow stars recently?