05 December, 2006

Penelope Cruz & Petra Nemcova - BFF?

Man, i would rip out my left testicle with my bare hands to be the meat in a Cruz/Nemcova sandwich. For one thing, i'm an absolute sucker for women with accents... and don't both these ladies have pretty thick accents? Well, i can't remember if Nemcova does or not, but in my dreams tonight... she most certainly will. They'll also be some Jello and rubber gloves invloved... but i'll spare you the details.


Anonymous said...

Damn, i'm having a hard time deciding which one i'd try to hit on if i saw them stumbling down the street.

imapjj said...

If you like Pelelope Cruz then you'll really like Ana de la Reguera. She is in Nacho Libre, I thought it was Penelope at first, but I like Ana better, they are both very beautiful and elegant.


bellazon.de said...

Very nice thanks a lot!