07 December, 2006

Rihanna almost dumps out a Tittay!

Damn... so close. You can have all the Britney Spears upskirt shots in the galaxy... i'd happily take one tittay pic of the beautiful Rihanna any day. If you're an avid reader of Celebrity Inc.(lol, please tell me you don't actually read this crap) then you'll know we here at CI just love us some Rihanna. I mean, what's not to love? ...oh, i also heard she can do the splits.

Some bonus shots at the Billboards in a ridiculously tight dress. Lord!


Anonymous said...

wow, i wasn't really a fan of her before but she looks great in these pictures. i love her hair like that.

sometimes i forget that she's still really young. she's going to be a beautiful woman.

Anonymous said...

the pics being hq and all you can tell that she has some pimples on the forehead. but i wouldn't kick her out of bed for that, if anything makes her more real than the botox injecting fake nose jobs skanks you see everywhere else.

QTPie said...

I'd cut her some slack for any pimples she may or may not possess, she is only 18 you know.