08 December, 2006

Salma Hayek does Campari

If there's one thing a man definitely doesn't need to find Salma Hayek attractive is alcohol... it's just too bad that can't be said for most women(woah relax, i'm joking). I've never tried any of the Campari products, but if Salma says i should... well then, how can i argue? In fact, Salma could tell me that i was going to die in ten minutes, so long as she told me wearing that dress.

By the way, these pics are from a calendar, i will post the HQ's as soon as i obtain them.


Anonymous said...

The best thing about Salma is that she's not afraid to bare her tits in a film. Can't wait for the HQ's!

Anonymous said...

I could stare at those things all day and all night.

Zed said...

awesome pics. definitely need the HQs.

Anonymous said...

Gostosa do caralho!