09 January, 2007

Jessica Alba likes Watersports

It's True! Apparently, Jessica Alba also likes to give herself some powerhouse wedgies... and from a spectator's point of view, that's a veeery good thing. Considering we're in the winter months here in Canada, there sure are a lot of beach sets coming out lately - not that i'm complaining. Trust me, f i had the cash i'd be right there alongside Jessica... although i'd be underwater... with a camera.


Zed said...

Holy fucking Christ that's a nice ASS!

I wonder how many guys have wanked a wad over this chick, it's gotta be in the millions. Great pics man!

Tom Bailey said...

Interesting blog. Nice photos.


Anonymous said...

As far as asses go, they don't make'em much better than that. I just want 5 minutes alone with it!

Anonymous said...

Holy shit zed, I've wanked off a million times to her. Never mind the others. I just wish I could wank off all over her face and tits.

Anonymous said...

awesome. simply awesome.

Jimbo said...

I think god was showing off a little to much when Alba was being made!!


ivan said...

Gostosa iguais ha na grande sao paulo aos montes

Anonymous said...

I've been moaning and wanking for ages now

Anonymous said...

Good god, the exertion and energy of all the guys wanking off to her would power New York for two year.

Anonymous said...

Cool cool cool