23 August, 2008

April Bowlby - Hottest woman ever?

If you're a fan of Two and a Half Men then you've most likely seen April Bowlby strutting around in at least one or two episodes... in very little clothing i might add. Hell, even if you hate the show you should at least try to get your hands on the ones with April in them. It's too bad she's not on the show anymore, they should at least give her a show of her own... something where she tests out trampolines of some kind.


cabine 13 said...

I don't know her... but she seems to have a lot of talent !!!

Anonymous said...

Oh My God!

I remember seeing this girl on that show but I never caught her name.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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Anonymous said...

April isHOTHOTHOT!!!!