25 August, 2008

Giselle Bündchen - Great Legs... No Ass

It's really unfortunate that all these tall, skinny women end up having asses that resemble deflated whoopie cushions. They should follow the transsexuals lead and get ass implants. Then again Gisele Bündchen here probably weighs about 6 pounds so a voluptuous booty might look a bit peculiar. Nevertheless i stand by my devotion to skinny chicks. I'm tellin' ya, the curvy ones always get fat in the end.

Anyone get the feeling that Gisele is displeased with all the paparazzi attention? No... just me?


G.T. said...

Na. She just embarrassed by the half dozen guys walking closing behind her masturbating, with me at the lead. :-D

Damn, I'm such a leg man! Great stuff.

Anonymous said...

But she DOES have an ass! Are you forgetting about my favourite Celebrity Inc post of all time???

Gisele Bündchen - Bikini in Malibu

It's a small ass, but it's still a great one! Thanks for more Gisele ECW!

EvilCorporateWhore said...

i forgot about that post.

i guess it's a nice ass... it's just really, really small. or maybe the shorts are deceiving.