11 August, 2008

Lily Allen pops a Boob

Let's face it, everyone hates a hippie. The only decent thing about the hippie generation was the ultra casual loose fitting clothing hot hippie chicks used to wear. I'm not sure if it was a sex thing or a comfort thing but add in a little British lush who apparently dislikes the constrictive under wiring of Victoria's Secret and you've got yourself a show.


alotta said...

You take a two year break and return with this chick? You've always been a disappointment to me.

Anonymous said...

Don't listen to him. He knows not what he says.

diddy said...

what the h dude. i was sad for you. -dids.

EvilCorporateWhore said...

lol, thanx alotta... i was acutally just seeing if i still knew how to use this thing but posting a new entry. those are the first pics i came across. i'll post better stuff whenever i get more settled.

hey dids... is that you diddy??? how the hell are you, still hot and doing naked things? i hope so. ;)

anyway, i'll make my way back to TPF soon... just have to get organized. talk to you guys soon.

hmm, dead huh? lol.

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pong said...

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