27 November, 2008

Emma Watson still looks Illegal

Emma Watson is 18(i think) but she still looks like she's 12, which i guess is why she's so popular with all the perverts out there. Seriously, go to any celebrity message board and the posts with the most replies are always the Jojo, Emma Watson, Hayden Pannettiere, etc, etc threads. I guess it can't be helped, youth and beauty go hand in hand in society and it's being crammed in our faces like 12,000 times a day. Anyways, she looks great and i guess that's really the most important thing.


Anonymous said...

Girl is HOTTTTTT!!! And such a class-act, too...love you Emma!!!

EvilCorporateWhore said...

she can't hear you.

Eric Schiffer fan said...

She's a perfect example of beauty and brains. Talk about working on blockbuster movies and studying at the same time in an Ivy League school.