15 May, 2006

Karima Adebibe takes over Lara Croft

Video games and films are narrowing the margin on the entertainment spectrum more and more every year. 15 years ago did you ever think top Hollywood actors and actresses would be attending extravagent video game premiers? Hell no. I mean, they're even IN the damn games. They're making films from video games, and video games from films... and the actors are more than happy to lend their voices.

Karima has been hired to take over the role of Tomb Raider babe, Lara Croft. If you don't know who that is then that probably means you have a girlfriend... and a life. No, she's not replacing Angelina Jolie, thats the film version, she's replacing the gorgeous Lucy Clarkson. Google her, it will make your penis happy.

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