16 June, 2006

Mena Suvari - Tight Little Package

I've never paid much attention to Mena Suvari after the whole American Beauty fiasco... but she's grown into one sexy little minx. Personally, i've never really cared if a girl i dated had big tits, as long as they were hot, slim and had a great ass... i was set. Tits were just a bonus. And if Mena definitely has one of those things, it's a great ass. $20 says she can open a beer bottle with it.

By the way, there's more pics from this event... but they are small like the last two, once i get the HQ's i will post them all. *peace*


Anonymous said...

Great ass ?? First where is it?
Pancake ass more like it. Caucasians what are we going to do with you?Most wouldn't know a good ass even as its cupping your four inches.

EvilCorporateWhore said...

well, that's why we keep you negro's around... you herd up up all the fat, ugly, white chicks and leave us the prime beef.

and hey! ...more like four inches from the ground!