27 July, 2006

Christina Milian - Holy Hotpants!

I'm not really familiar with Christina Milian, but i'm gonna guess another goddamn R&B singer? Christ... we need another young, black, shitty R&B singer like we need another young, white, shitty punk band. Anyway, at least with all these hot ladies getting record deals (just because they can sample someone else's tune while putting some crappy, repetitive lyrics to it) we get some decent eye candy. See, this is why men don't get PMS... we always look on the bright side of things.


Anonymous said...

She's Cuban, not black.

EvilCorporateWhore said...

ya don't say? ...i suppose i should really do at least the minimal amount of research before posting... oh wait, i forgot i don't care.

besides, the point remains the same.

Anonymous said...

She's actually Afro-Cuban, so yes, part black.