27 July, 2006

Asia Argento - Pregnant & Proud

If anyone thinks pregnant women posing naked and flaunting their bellies is wrong, gross, or distasteful... go ahead and punch yourself in the throat because i hate you. You're the same people that let your kids play video games or watch telly where people are being ripped apart and beaten to death, but GOD FORBID you see a fuckin' nipple! Anywho... i love living in downtown Toronto because these modern type chicks just looove to show everyone they got knocked up, and i think it's awesome... and i'm not talking in a gross sexual way, it's just feminity in it's purest form.


Anonymous said...

Wow, somebody needs a trim! (it looks like she has Buckwheat in a leglock.)

Anonymous said...

Funny, I was thinking she needs a trim as well - you could choke to death on that.

EvilCorporateWhore said...

i completely agree guys... a landing strip is about all a girl needs. this cambodian jungle shit Asia got goin' on is borderline gross.

great tits though.

Anonymous said...

her tits actually do look good for once. Usually it looks like someone stapled flapjacks to her chest and called it a day.

Oh and I think the preggo pics are pretty disgusting. This is not "feminine" this is just plain slutty.

There is a difference between tasteful celebration of a woman's body and porn.