23 July, 2006

Tara Reid is Gross

Is there anyone here that actually thinks this used up, tired lookin', lush is attractive? She was... don't get me wrong. Back in the day Tara definitely had it going on, but somewhere down the line it just all fell apart. Maybe it started with the fake boobs, perhaps drugs? Who the hell gives a crap... i really don't think there's any chance of her redeeming herself.

She's like Britney Spears pathetic, but without the kid.


Anonymous said...

i'd still do her in a heartbeat...look at that body...rockin

Drew said...

It was a whole lot more rockin before she got the horrible tit job.

EvilCorporateWhore said...

personally, that body looks it's been "rocked" a little too much.

i'd pass.

Anonymous said...

I'd fuck her till her implants popped out through her nipples!